Support and self-care


One in Four develops resources with information and exercises to support survivors through their healing journey. You can find out about our resources here.

Our publications for survivors include practical exercise to manage trauma symptoms such as flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares and how to identify triggers, fear, and to manage shame towards build healthy relationships.

Below you will find a series of exercises from the One in Four handbook, The Warrior Within.

You can pick them at random or work through them in order. Take your time with these exercises. You may wish to share your findings with your counsellor.

Starting an activity journal
Finding a metaphor of your healing
Strengths and resources, pleasurable and positive activities
Creating a mood box or mood basket
Identifying your oasis and your safe space
Writing down your childhood sexual abuse experience
Identifying your strengths, resources and meaningful goals for recovery
Making a cookie jar
Changing sensory cues
Reclaiming who you are and writing a gratitude journal
Identifying fears around recovery and change
Identifying your critical voice and preparing for gains and losses
Taking up physical exercise
Identifying triggers
Identifying your emotional processing style
Improving your breathing
Gaining control over flashbacks
Plan for managing flashbacks
Keeping a dream journal to help you process nightmares
Plan for panic attacks
Identifying triggers for dissociation
Is memory work right for you
Managing negative beliefs
Identifying self-harming behaviours
Managing shame
Reducing self-blame and developing self-compassion
Managing relationships
Common sexual myths
Identifying triggers and sensory cues
What it means to be sexual and enjoying your body
How to feel safe in your sexual relationship
Managing grief and loss
Marking your losses through ritual
Exploring your beliefs around crying
Practicing inner experiencing and inner wisdom
Expressing anger and needs
Reviewing your progress
Dealing with everyday worries and rewarding yourself
Planning for setbacks
Relationships, disclosure, confrontation and forgiveness
Reconnecting to life


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