Welcome to One in Four.


One in Four specializes in supporting survivors of sexual violence and abuse, and particularly survivors of child sexual abuse and trauma.

We understand how such experiences, if unsupported, can have long-term impact and recognize the challenges faced by people who have experienced sexual abuse and who have struggled for their survival.

Evidence shows as many as one in four adults have experienced some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18.

We support survivors to work through the trauma of abuse, helping them to transform and rebuild their lives.

Who we are

One in Four is a specialist charity with a dedicated team of experts and counsellors with many years of knowledge, experience and expertise in working with survivors of sexual abuse and violence, and particularly child sexual abuse.

We understand the trauma and long-term effects of sexual violence and child sexual abuse.

One in Four was established in 1999 and founded by a survivor of clergy abuse. Some of the professionals who work with us have experienced sexual abuse.

One in Four is active in supporting the post-traumatic recovery of survivors, supporting them through the criminal justice system and in improving the professional and public understanding of the impact of sexual abuse.

We believe in the importance of empowering survivors and we focus on the individual person, rather than seeing people defined by any form of label.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, restorative environment for people who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma.

We support survivors to work through the effects of abuse, helping empower them to move forward with their lives.

We aim to meet the needs of anyone irrespective of gender or ethnicity, who has experienced sexual abuse or violence.

We seek to improve public and professional understanding of how sexual abuse impacts lives through prevention for young people in schools and training and resources for professionals.

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