whisper_cover_large_rgbWhisper tells the story of Gemini a child who finds and hides a little monster on the way home from school and worries about whether or not to share this secret.

Through warm and inviting illustrations, the story walks the reader through Gemini’s feelings about the secret, how to share it, and the positive effects of doing so.

Written and illustrated by a mother and daughter duo, Ruby and Liz Wadell, Whisper raises awareness of allowing children to be open with their thoughts and to trust their feelings.

It includes a readers’ guide for adults with exercises, activities and questions for children and makes an ideal starting point for lessons and talking points for teachers and parents alike.

One in Four developed the publication to encourage young children to recognise and validate their feelings.

Too often children who experience sexual abuse are coerced by their abusers into keeping the secret of the abuse and learn not to trust their own feelings, which erodes their self-worth compounding the shame they experience.

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