Support for staff and pupils


Our work in schools supports staff around disclosure, identifying children who may be experiencing sexual abuse or exploitation, trainings for pupils around boundaries, healthy relationships and consent, counselling for children and resources.


Our work in schools is for teachers, support staff and for children and young people.

Some children try to disclose the abuse they are experiencing, either by telling a teacher or someone in the school environment that there is something wrong, or through their behavior. Many act out or become dissociated and disengaged.

Our work in schools supports staff to understand and recognise the signs of sexual abuse and exploitation and about the impact of abuse. And we teach children about relationships, boundaries and consent.

School staff

Are you confident you could spot the early warning signs of sexual abuse or exploitation, and do your colleagues know how to handle disclosure of abuse appropriately? 

To share expert advice and best practice, One in Four runs an Emotional Health and Wellbeing Programme offering a range of support to professionals. This can also helps professionals improve their own relationships.

Emotional health and wellbeing programme for young people

We are commissioned by schools, alternative education providers, youth centres to provide support about around health and wellbeing, which includes child sexual abuse and exploitation, sexual bullying, sex and relationship education and self-harm at Key Stages 3 and 4 around emotional health and wellbeing.

Examples of workshops, classroom and drop-in sessions include:

  • Relationships and consent
  • Contraception and STIs
  • Sexual bullying and boundaries
  • Stress management, depression, bereavement and self-injury
  • Emotional health information for parents
  • Domestic violence and sexual bullying
  • Sex and the law, grooming
  • Abuse and traumas
  • Emotional health and wellbeing
  • Abuse, self-harm and relationships
  • Stress, depression and bereavement

Working with parents

Sometimes parents and families need support. Our information sessions for parents with young children provide information and practical skills on attachment and early intervention. For families with older children we deliver sessions around communication skills, relationships, abuse, substance misuse and issues around emotional health and wellbeing.

Counselling in schools

One-to-one counselling sessions are available to children and young people in schools. This work can be designed to support children participating in workshops or other trainings, to explore deeper issues.

We provide counselling support to young people around sexual abuse and exploitation, domestic violence, depression, trauma and the symptoms of trauma such as flashbacks.

One-to-one counselling gives young people the opportunity to explore and work through their experiences. We offer a holistic approach, valuing each person for the individual they are.

All One in Four experienced trainers who work in schools are qualified counsellors with advanced DBS checks. We provide them with supervision and on-going professional development.

For more information or to book a training contact: or call 020 8697 2112



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