Relentless questions unanswered
Trapped in my sickened mind
A sullied loathing owns my soul
Locks it in a suspended revulsion
Wherefore is thine mind from
Warped priest?
Wherefore is thine God from
Warped priest?
Dark illustrious Church Prince
Who craves the sex of the innocent
Masquerading beast Priest
Black and white collared raven
You ruptured and destroyed
The trust of children
On your altar of craven sex
Indelible guilt seared onto young souls forever
I’m wee again and on the pads at Brookemount
Need to be Gods Child again
Stolen mothers jam will be forgotten and forgiven
Sitting there as the angled sunlit rays
Crossed the Chapel floor
Watching motioned moats of nothingness
In this quiet lair of sanctity
Whistle whispered praying
Entreats the God of mercy as
The wooden lattice confessional clicks closer
With your power and might priest
You have abused and defiled the children
Destroyed them, fed your lust
Poisoned chalice priest, poisoned church
Kiss my hand, you know your bishops
Lied, hid, Moved and covered up
For the craven twisted priests
Cardinal mistakes and sins of infallibility
Your mighty arrogance
Your contemptuous distaste for the Child
Your sanctified righteousness
Look to the Christ again, Priest
For Your forgiveness