Our services


Our work is delivered through services for survivors, training for professionals such as counsellors and therapists, and work with children and young people in schools, and with teachers and support staff.

We develop high quality resources bringing greater insight into the impact of child sexual abuse and how to work with survivors. And we give survivors their voice to help others understand.

We have years of knowledge, understanding and expertise and offer counselling, advice and education to survivors of child sexual abuse in a safe, confidential and restorative environment.


Services for survivors include:

  • Long-term, low cost Counselling for men and women over 18 years
  • Psychoeducation groups and workshops
  • Advocacy and help with reporting abuse
  • Resources
  • Survivors Voices


We offer specialist training in understanding and working with the dynamics of people who have experienced child sexual abuse and trauma including developing resources for professionals.


Our work in schools supports staff around disclosure, identifying children who may be experiencing sexual abuse as well as trainings for pupils around boundaries, healthy relationships and consent. We also provide counselling for children in schools.


One in Four has a range of resources for survivors and professionals to improve support for survivors. Our aim is to support survivors through the trauma of sexual abuse, with practical, safe exercises to help them manage their symptoms and overcome the impact of abuse.

Survivor’s voices

One in Four gives survivors of child sexual abuse their voice. Through written personal accounts, artwork and poetry we support survivors to express the impact of their experiences and share these to educate and inform others about how a history of child sexual abuse can shape adult lives.