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How do you talk to your children about sexual abuse?

Allegations of sexual abuse in football have raised concerns about children's safety. But how and what should parents say about sexual abuse without frightening their children? "Parents shouldn't leave it up to teachers," says Jon Brown, head of the NSPCC's sexual...

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New partnership with The Yellow Heart Trust

One in Four is delighted to join the Yellow Heart Trust as a strategic partner. As a growing charity, working with highly trained volunteer therapists we see over 150 clients a week who have been victims of sexual abuse and trauma. There is real synergy between Yellow...

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NSPCC – Can you help their research?

18 to 24-year-olds needed to talk about their experiences of childhood abuse or violence Interested? If you would like to know more about the research project and what taking part involves, please get in touch. You can use the reply slip (link below) or speak to one...

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UPDATE: 13th June 2015 - E-petitions via the HM Government website are currently inaccessible following a break after the General Election. For more information, click here. PETITION - 'Combating, breaking the myths and taboo on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Ensuring...

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