Written as lyrics

Leela, it’s been roaring and raining again lately
Every time I get depressed, raindrops start to fall
Lightning strikes and the wind begins to howl
I am extremely volatile now, Leela
Are you listening to me?
I can’t take the pain of dark memories anymore
It’s been haunting me
And leaving my mind, body and soul sore
I am having extreme difficulty in sleeping again – Leela
Been looking for some outlet for my sensations
‘Cause I want to stay same
But haven’t been getting any help
Any peace of mind , even through medication
The same old sleeping tablets and anti-depressants
I realise that maybe
All I need right now is a friend like you, Leela
To heal the hurt
To clean the dirt
To drive away the pervert from my mind
Unhappiness, trying to chase away the nightmares
The looming shadow of fears
My unending stream of tears
I hear screeching and crackling again now, Leela
It’s funny how the outside atmosphere resembles my own
The violence, the madness and the pessimism shows
Now the sun has set, leaving me to deal with my darkness alone
Until the next morning, when I hear the ringing of the phone
And your voice freezes all my demons of fear into stone