Written by Christiane Sanderson

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Counselling Skills for Working with Shame helps professionals to understand and identify shame and to build shame resilience in both the client and themselves.

Shame is ubiquitous in counselling where there is an increased vulnerability and risk of exposure to shame. While many clients experience feelings of shame, it is often overlooked in the therapeutic process and as a result can be left untreated. It is particularly pertinent when working with clients who have experienced complex trauma, sexual or domestic violence, or who struggle with addiction. Written in an accessible style, this is a hands-on, skills-based guide which helps practitioners to identify what elicits, evokes or triggers shame. It gives a general introduction to the nature of shame in both client and counsellor and how these become entwined in the therapeutic relationship. It focuses on increasing awareness of shame and how to release it in order to build shame resilience. With points for reflection, helpful exercises, top tips, reminders and suggestions for how to work with clients, this is a highly practical guide for counsellors, therapists, mental health practitioners, nurses, social workers, educators, human resources, trainee counsellors and students.

Dr Rebecca Gray of the University of New South Wales, Australia says, “Working through chronic shame, while intense and uncomfortable, can be incredibly worthwhile for people, and their counsellors. Sanderson has used extensive reading and clinical experience to develop a resource that will help counsellors, and I suspect their clients, to work with shame, rather than avoiding it. This book will also help well-intentioned but unaware counsellors prevent the loss of clients through inadvertently re-shaming them. Sanderson provides a myriad of tips to help us all navigate the mortifying and isolating effects of toxic shame. And in doing so, will help us move towards a more compassionate way of being, both to ourselves, and to others.”

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Christiane Sanderson BSc. MSc. is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Roehampton. With 26 years’ experience working in child sexual abuse, sexual violence, complex trauma and domestic abuse, she has run consultancy and training for parents, teachers, social workers, nurses, therapists, counsellors, solicitors, the NSPCC, the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Committee, the Methodist Church, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Refugee Council. She is the author of Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma, Introduction to Counselling Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma, Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and The Seduction of Children, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.