Welcome to One In Four UK

It is estimated that One in Four adults has experienced child sexual abuse* (CSA). We are proud to announce the launch of Survivors’ Voices, which features the narratives of fourteen survivors with an analysis of the findings. There is also a supplement with eight further narratives. Most survivors mentioned that they had seen many professionals before they received the help they needed. An important outcome from this project has been the development of a pocket guide for professionals, partners families and friends.

One in Four offers a small, but growing, dedicated team of specialist counsellors and experts with years of knowledge, experience and clinical expertise – and a number of us are also survivors. We understand the trauma and long-term effects of CSA and offer support for survivors and resources for the professionals working with them:

  • Specialist counselling for survivors
  • Advocacy advice for survivors wishing to prosecute their abusers
  • Professional CPD / training in recognising and dealing with CSA for counsellors, health and social services professionals
  • Prevention training programmes for schools

  • You are not alone, we are here to help.



    We have used the image of an octopus for the Survivors’ Voices project because it represents the manipulative, secretive nature of sexual abuse, which dwells in the dark, and for the cunning nature of abusers who, like the octopus, often pull a veil over others, confusing and distorting reality. Survivors’ Voices features the narratives of those who experienced child sexual abuse (CSA) in the family environment, which accounts for 70 percent of CSA, but like the octopus with its eight tentacles, sexual abuse happens in many contexts, which we aim to cover in future publications. We are also aiming to hold further writing workshops to help survivors write their narratives. Dates to be confirmed in 2016.